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Thursday, February 28, 2008

my inkling was true, and that is to say that i'm screwed with current fashion. the cute flowy tops and dresses, though a little 60s-love-childish, are not only comfortable but all the rage. and when i see my minuscule coworker rocking all the rage, it inspires me to choose as well, taking into consideration that my, uh, "assets" up top create a fine-line when it comes to me looking fashionable versus me looking like a tent (or a box or a column, etc).
public feedback recently has led me to believe that i have failed to choose wisely. during my little run-in with the bicyclist, i carefully edited out the part about her (somewhat) coming to her senses to have this little exchange:
crazy lady: "i think i'm okay... can i ask you a question?"
b*: "uhh... sure?"
CL: "are you pregnant?"
b*: "um, no."
CL: "oh, okay, so it's just the shirt then?"
b*: "yeah, must be just the shirt."
i would like to think that was an isolated incident, had it not been for the little convo had over coffee yesterday. while attending a work luncheon, congratulations were flying about the table directed towards a lady who revealed that she was, in fact, pregnant. it gave the ladies something to talk about: due dates, names, etc. later, while i was standing at a side bar, fetching a cookie and some coffee, the lady who had been sitting directly next to the actual pregnant lady approached me with a big smile and a "so when are you due?". i tried to cover for her by saying, "oh, no, i'm not pregnant, that's the lady you're sitting next to." she pointedly looked at my top and confusedly said "oh."
i put the cookie back. and added that shirt to the rapidly growing giveaway pile.
current mood: does this webpage make me look fat?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

scary and maddening
there was a brief moment of panic in san diego as there was a rapist who was running amok amongst the running community. mysteriously, they found the man's car with a dead body in it, and lo and behold, he had shot himself. they think he was on ecstasy, but that's moot.
the part that drives me crazy are the warnings that surfaced for women, newscasters and radio djs cutting in with breaking news about new tips and tricks for staying safe. that's great, except what they were touting was the same sort of myths circulated on email form for the last 10 years... like rapists go for women in overalls. on the surface, this is an absurd claim, made slightly more logical by the inclusion of the statement about rapists carrying scissors to easily cut clothing, and two simple snips get rid of the whole get up. but examining this claim a little further, i find flaw: a) they say nothing about women in skirts, which in my opinion would be WAY more accessible, b) unless you're hawking shrub shears, doubled-up denim overall straps aren't exactly an easy cut through, and c) when was the last time women were seriously wearing overalls? 1992? i've decided that this entire scare tactic is simply a PSA to get women to make better fashion choices. a little harsh, but hopefully effective!
current mood: who are you, the fashion police?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

you know that feeling?
... when it feels like someone just sucker-punched you right in the gut? and you're queasy and breathless all at the same time? and it's all because you found out something you didn't want to know, or knew deep down, but didn't want it to be reality?

man, i hate that feeling.
current mood: yech

Monday, February 18, 2008

maybe it's me.
there are times when i wonder if i am, in fact, wonder woman. other than the penchant for stars and the hot body, little clues like the fact that my vehicle is completely invisible give it away. i was crossing an intersection the other day and had almost completely cleared the way when these idiots decided to step out in front of my car to cross the street. i understand the whole thing about pedestrian right-of-way, but i'm pretty sure it doesn't apply when i have not only left my side of the 4-way stop, but am beyond the middle of the intersection and almost completely out of it. so what the f? why look straight at my oncoming car, and decide to go anyway? oh, and did i mention that they were carrying a baby? oh yeah. great.
so i slam on my brakes and what do you know but i hear someone run in to the back of my car. eyes flashing to my rear mirrors, thinking i've been rear-ended again, i pull over and get out my car to find a lady with a toppled bike sitting in the middle of the road. i ran to get her, noticing the fools who had walked in front of me now safely back on the sidewalk, LAUGHING. i have to admit, i toyed a moment with going to help the lady (who had a few people there already) and chasing down those f'ers. but i went to the lady, and helped her to the sidewalk. she was mumbling incoherently and i was concerned... right up to the point where she said "the same thing happened to me this morning when i was leaving church... i thought a car was going to go, and it stopped, and i flew across the hood."

ah. okay. so it's like a sport of yours. got it. well, thanks for playing.
current mood: what the ??

Sunday, February 17, 2008

thank you!
thank you to all who came out to the show, donated money, or blessed me with words of encouragement. although production is now wrapped, i'm still in a bit of awe and am completely overwhelmed by the amount of love and support that hovers over my life like a protective shell, and i really don't want that feeling to go away. i feel like i'm just getting to know the girls on cast and crew, and my sundays will be a little emptier now without their incredible energy.
i'm also proud to say that i reached my goal of $500 raised for the women of san diego and new orleans. plus there was at least another $500 that YOU put towards ticket sales just because you know me. so thank you. thank you thank you thank you. i really can't say it enough.
current mood: blessed.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

for whatever you call it, "valentine's day", "v-day", "singles awareness day (SAD)"... it's thursday to me. my aversion to the "holiday" exists on many levels, though the past coupla years have been both pleasant (yay) and surprising (YAY!). this year, i'm happy to sit on my couch, maybe with a friend or 2, and revel in some me-time. lord knows i need it lately.

and if you 3 boys who are currently pointing cupid's arrow my way need a hint, here you go: i don't need flowers (though they do make me happy) or chocolates (mmm) or dinner out... to me, nothing says lovin' like a freshly cleaned car... you can wax it for me on our anniversary ; )
current mood: smooches!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

opening night
i've recently discovered it gets easier to use the word 'vagina' the more you say it. it's like saying "i love you" i guess :) then again, check with me in june... i wonder if i'll just be drop "vag!" in to random sentences and greetings.
current mood: expressive

Monday, February 11, 2008

for the run-thrus, i wasn't nervous. for the rehearsals and preps, i wasn't nervous. sitting in the hallway, listening to the girls, i wasn't nervous. standing in the wings, waiting to take the stage, i wasn't nervous. finding my mark in the blackness, i wasn't nervous. squinting with the sudden flood of lights, i wasn't nervous. saying the first three words... holy hell, i thought i was going to collapse in a heap! and that was just dress-rehearsal! jeeeeez
current mood: wednesday will be worse, probably right?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

going underground
i'm in to rehearsals and meetings up to my eyebrows for the next week, and got a taste of it starting friday, when i left our board of directors meeting early to camp out in the theater until well past my bed time. here's to not getting sick!
current mood: keepin' my head above water

Thursday, February 07, 2008

bestest. trip. ever.
for the sake of easily digestible tidbits, i'm breaking up the niigata typhoon tour of '08 in to 2 parts: the wedding... and everything else. appropriately, the wedding portion (which is lengthy, admittedly, and perhaps not so easily digestible) is posted on the britt-in-japan blog, and can be found here:
wedding blog
and the photos can be found here:
j*land kekkon
enjoy, and stay tuned for the "everything else"
current mood: downloading from my head

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

intuition or influence?
i was laying on the massage table this afternoon, trying to get the memory of 40+lbs of luggage out of my shoulders when it hit me:
my phone's ringtones eerily match those they are assigned to.
for example, he who has "a pirate's life for me" has set sail, unsettled in one place and constantly looking for, ehem, booty. the one assigned my favorite jackson 5 ditty seems to "want [me] back", and yet another has "poured some sugar on me"... though in the name of love, we'll have to wait and see ;)
each of these theme songs were selected long before they played out in to real life. so it made me wonder, as i lay there being pounded and stretched... did the universe respond to my subconscious messaging? or did i know it already, deep down?
oh, and i'm totally part of "the addams family": creepy, cooky, mysterious AND ooky. that's a given.
current mood: thinking, thinking, thinking

whose call is it, really?
i've decided i'm giving up salmon for lent... however, this decision has been met with much opposition from those around me. just because the stuff will kill me and so i don't eat it, doesn't mean that i won't feel its absence over the next 40 days anyway!
current mood: ashy

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i'm back after an INCREDIBLE trip, and not suffering too bad from jet-lag (though, ask me again at 8pm). photos and stories coming soon, i promise. keep an eye out here for links!
current mood: back in the swing of things

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