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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it's been a rough week
my entire being is throbbing. it started sunday with a highly destructive competitive game of flag football that is from now on going to be named the "Annual Gobble Bowl" or some equally as attractive name. though i was on the winning team, i suffered an awful cross-pattern pick where i crashed my knee with a much larger man's... on the second play. we both went flying with me laughing and him face down in the grass. later on my OTHER knee gave out somewhere around the 2 yard line while i was running in a touchdown. i ended up having to hop on one leg over into the end zone. game over at that point, at least for me.
physically, i'm a wreck. mentally i'm not much better. the quick nap in my car during lunch did little to make up for the lack of sleep i've been having. maybe it's time to invest in an air mattress and book a conference room.
current mood: and it's only wednesday

Friday, November 24, 2006

i love thanksgiving. i really do. food, family, and all the trash talking you would expect when we all get together. and for all this, i am thankful.
i hope YOUR holiday was as satisfying as mine. ... now it's time to skip to new year's. (though, i do have to say, i managed to buy 2 presents today! i'm impressed. here's to the zen of christmas... wish me luck)
current mood: festive and quite full

Monday, November 20, 2006

aa to the z
i just googled "how to buy a pet aardvark" and unfortunately didn't get a single lead. google, you disappoint me. my new obsession has become attaining one of these awesome guys. the sis-a-lis and i decided to hoof it through the zoo on saturday for their annual "you belong in the zoo" 5K, and we were acccompanied by some 4-legged (and some 2-legged, and some no-legged) friends throughout the way. i was drawn immedieatly to our aardvark, marveling at his obsession with cracks in the sidewalk, and his power as he pulled his handler in every direction she didn't want to go.

although t-man accompanied me back to the zoo on sunday to see if we could steal the aardvark (apparently the zoo doesn't even have one, we were borrowing on saturday), he won't be purchasing me one any time soon. do you think it's too late to ask santa?
current mood: i'd never have to vacuum again

Sunday, November 12, 2006

ayy kicka kicka kicka
my career path has always been that of a process of elimination. i know that i am not going to be an engineer (or an industrial designer), a teacher (for all intents and purposes), a doctor (c'mon now), or a long list of other employment choices. for those not on the list, it's a matter of time before they get eliminated too, i'm sure. but after today, "professional kickball referree" can proudly take its place on the list of 'things i don't ever need to do again, even if i'm getting paid for them'.
after being grilled on thursday by the league rep to see if i knew the rules and could hold my own, i was promised that things would go smoothly on sunday. the division had some problems with the ref in the past few weeks, hence the change of guards. but as i arrived and learned i had to not only chalk the field, but i had no ball to play with AND i was in for at least 5 hours of work ahead of me, i could see why the previous ref had taken to drinking before/during the games.
as usual, i winged it best i could and, in retrospect, got through it relatively unscathed (though i know now i made some bad calls due to my own ignorance on the rules)... no injuries, no fights. i usually chalk that up to success. but with 5 1/2 hours without a bathroom break, my hungry stomach starting to gnaw on itself, and my nose and fingers turning icy, i think i will have to stick to the indoor sports from now on.
actually, let's see when (if?!) i get paid at all for all these adventures. THAT, my friend, will determine my future in stripes.
current mood: cold, hungry, and i still need to pee

Friday, November 10, 2006

i've got the power
i ref'd another 2 dodgeball games last night, except this time, the stakes were much higher: the semifinals and finals of the season. that being said, the 'athletes' on the court had dball skills that are leaps and bounds above my own, and they were also incredibly more vested in the outcome of my calls. while the 7pm game was heated, the 8pm game was ON FIRE in terms of teams sometimes cheering, but mostly just yelling... at each other, at other teammates, and mostly at the refs.
however, in the midst of all the chaos, i was reminded of why i do these sorts of things. i loved being in the thick of things, being in charge and charming, making decisions and influencing others to come along while still being authoratative... i do have to say though, it certainly helps having a loud voice.
current mood: yay, that was fun!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

i suppose that's what i get
after a month or 2 off, i rolled back into karate for the (2nd?) time and was greeted with an hour of fighting... and rewarded with 2 soft feet on their way to hardening once again, plus a sole full of blisters, including a nice nickle-sized one on my big left toe.
current mood: treading lightly

Friday, November 03, 2006

tricky traveling
as of last night, we can now add quail to my list of weird foods eaten. it may not be weird for some of you, but i've never dined on the small fowl before, and that's probably b/c their bones are a pain (they're everywhere!)
i've realized that with my recent travels since the inception of the latest airline policies, the tsa has really really gone about this all wrong. yesterday, as before, they were way too concerned about the size of the plastic bag i was using to carry my liquids and gels, rather than focusing on the overall picture. and what i mean by "the overall picture" is the fact that i happen to have liquids, gels, and a lighter in my makeup bag, which they never inspect or remark about. i also happened to have carried a razor on board on my trip to phoenix. i mean, c'mon... harrass me not about the dimensions of my ziploc, and perhaps step back to see that i am more dangerous. actually, harrass me not at all, please and thank you.
current mood: about to get arrested

Thursday, November 02, 2006

BST in the ATL
i'm currently sitting in a shady "wyndham" hotel room in atlanta on a whirlwind business trip to see the falcons. i have to question the officialness of the hotel since it's connected to another hotel and it's marked with a vinyl banner stuck over a cracked facade... at least georgia's not known for its earthquakes, right?
i will be returning to my precious mecca of san diego tomorrow evening, having left my warm bed this morning at 4:30 to barely catch my 7am flight. usual rudeness followed at security, and when i finally reached my gate, dressed in my business casual loafers, slacks, and sweater, i spot my president, rolling over to me in ripped jeans and a tshirt.
dangit, shoulda stayed in my pj's for sure!
PS - will post my (award-winning!!) costume pictures from halloween when i get back... have yet to find one where i don't look disoriented and dizzy... though i suppose that was the nature of the costume anyway.
current mood: "hard at work"

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