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Friday, June 30, 2006

who said anything about a vacation?
i find myself on holiday inadvertantly... celebrating the sister's birthday tonight and then taking off for san luis obispo tomorrow morning, after having spent last night cruising around the harbor with some of my favorite people (including, but not limited to, guster). i get back on monday to have tuesday off and wednesday be my birthday, followed by the birthday party on saturday...

not a bad way to roll into july. or into 27, for that matter.
current mood: time to chill, yo.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

respect my authori-tay
i totally had to pull rank on a 6 year old this morning. he kept arguing with me on the proper execution of a basic karate technique. finally, after i couldn't seem to sway him to my side, i had to bust out with
"look, you're wearing a blue belt, and i'm wearing a black belt... so i suggest you go along with me on this one." lower belt kid next to him says, "yeah!"
i mean, come on, that shouldn't be necessary.
current mood: oh no he di'hn

Friday, June 23, 2006

forward facing
you have no idea how much i'm looking forward to next week. cheetah's back (other than having my friend back in my day-to-day work space, she'll reinherit her clients!). i won't be on call, and so (technically) shouldn't receive 6am "my site's not working!" phone calls. AND it's the sister's bday, with the padre game of 20 people. and then it's the roadtrip with my mama, up to mishi's wedding. and then it's my bday and a 3 day work week. and by THEN, it's the middle of july almost. oh how time flies when you're daydreaming.
current mood: i'm blocking out the lameness around me

Thursday, June 22, 2006

pet peeves
there's the one about people who don't signal when driving. then there's the one about those who break up bunches (like take one or two bananas from whatever bunch they like). and don't even get me started on the mispronouncers... "expecially", "acrosst", "kyu-pon" (it's coo-pon!!).

but i'd have to say, my number one totally the worst all time most grating pet peeve is... brittanY

i admit, i am a little grumpy today. one from being woken up at the crack of dawn by a client who couldn't find his way out of a thimble. two, he called me brittany, and that ranks high on the irk-o-meter.
current mood: maybe a nap will do me good...

Monday, June 19, 2006

booo! hissss!!
well, it turns out that the whole lack of higher education for that job i was looking forward to DOES count against me, as was told by me by my former supervisor. although she showed a moderate level of diplomacy, she indirectly told me that i wasn't going to get an interview, but to "keep trying! don't give up!"
right. so once again i am faced with the masters question... where to go, what to do? how to get $50K in debt to justify a position that pays $30K? hmmm, something's not right here.
current mood: bah.

Friday, June 16, 2006

when 2 become 1
much like the (popular?) spice girls song, i need some love like i never needed love before... but in this case, it doesn't involve candlelight. i am drowning a bit as i have been deemed worthy enough to take on cheetah's projects at work while she's off trekking across germany in search of sweaty soccer men.
i've left my desk ONCE this week for lunch. it's a little ridiculous.
sadly, there have been plenty of people at work telling me to cheer up and not look so sad/stressed/angry. unfortunately, that's a game i have yet to learn to play (compleye with the shiny 'eat sh*t and die, please' smile). in the meantime, check out my latest distraction here: tranzilat'n
current mood: one more week of chaos!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Subject: Yo Britt, prepare to be shamelessly hit on.
Message: Hello,
I am Phil. Not the only Phil persay, but one of the better ones I think. Sure, I'm no Hartman, Donahue, Seymor Hoffman or -anthropist, but I'm pretty spiffy. I'm less chubby than Seymor Hoffman, a better listener than Donahue, and unlike Phil Hartman, I'm not married to a psychopathic woman who will murder me for infidelity That's right, I'm alive, which is one of my many selling points. My other attributes I have modestly bragged about in my friendster profile, for your viewing pleasure. Basically, I really liked reading about you, you seem like a really interesting person, and if you are still single I'd like to coerce you into a date. Check me out and write me if you approve.
Phil xxxxx
(619) xxx-xx00
current mood: laughing. a lot.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

out of focus, out of time
i sat in the conference room yesterday, half-listening to the guy in atlanta jabber on about search engine optimization, and trying to convince myself that the projection screen actually WAS out of focus, and that my eyes were just fine. i realized, eventually, that it didn't really matter, and the time has come: glasses will soon be adorning my face, at least at work.
only problem is... i lost my prescription. maybe by the time i find that, t will find his camera charger so we can take some digital pics... uh, on second thought, i might be legally blind by the time that happens.
current mood: soon-to-be-four-eyes

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

i had grabbed a jacket in anticipation of the gloomy gray skies above offering up something icier than the warm gust that greeted me when i stepped out of the building. head low, i walked along sixth avenue, feeling all at once at home and foreign, recognizing the city sounds and crossing tracks that could have been in either of my hometowns.

i miss japan at the most unexpected times.
current mood: nazukashii, nostalgic

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