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Thursday, April 30, 2009

my introduction to csi san diego
it started out like any given thursday. i got in my car, hair back and heels on, heading for work. almost immediately, the gas light popped on in my car, so i headed towards the closest station. as i stood there, pumping the much needed fuel in my car, all of a sudden a swarm of cop cars descended on the gas station and library next door. immediately the DO NOT CROSS tape went up, the traffic was cleared, and us gas-pumpers were ushered in to the cramped conveniences store for questioning. still not knowing what the fuss was about, i started trying to bargain with the closest cop, who was less than forthcoming about his info:
b* : look, i have to go to work.
cop : sorry, but we need you to stay here, as a key witness.
b* : a witness to what?
cop : i can't say just yet.
b* : how can i be a witness to something that i don't even know about?
cop : well, we need to figure out if you know about it or not.
b* : what's "it"?
cop : i can't really say.
b* : look, i really need to go to work.
etc etc
turns out that "it" was the dead guy stabbed in front of the library, a few feet from my gas pump. and i had happily not noticed that there was a dead guy a few feet from me until the cops pointed it out and decided to question me about it. it probably didn't help that one of the first answers i gave to the "what did you do last night" question involved me and a bunch of martinis (mine... and others.) that probably didn't set the stage well, but i was banking on my rather corporate outfit today getting me out of that convenience store. 45 minutes later or so, i guess my silver-buckled pumps, or put-together demeanor (or total lack of evidence) convinced them that i really did not know about the dead guy, and they let me go to work. i probably should have just called in sick at that point... "umm, boss? i'm not going to be able to come in to work today, as i may be hauled off to jail for homicide shortly. can you cancel my meetings please?"
current mood: totally innocent!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

but... not really.
i find it odd that most people's outgoing voicemail messages usually start with
"hi, you've reached so-and-so..."
well, if i'm getting your voicemail, i haven't really reached you, have i? i don't know what a better alternative is. i try to tend towards "you've reached so-and-so's phone" or "you've reached the desk of so-and-so"...
any suggestions to this ironic conundrum?
current mood: curiouser and curiouser

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

on vacation and off
back from vacation, pictures here (click the pics):

had lots o' fun and some interesting realizations, but the pics should tell most of the stories. oddly, the most outstanding part of the trip was when i went grocery shopping last night after dropping ji off. i grabbed a few essentials and headed to check out. the lady behind me only had 2 things, so i told her to go ahead of me. turns out she was an employee of the store and reminded the cashier to make sure to put in the discount. i joked that he should make sure he gave it to me too... and they did! the lady came back and swiped her card again, and i got 15% off my groceries. what a nice gesture, i was really touched. sheesh, am i easy or what?
back to the mounds of emails to slog through at work. enjoy the pics!
current mood: catchin' up

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

it's good to be back
despite the staph infection, and subsequent messing with my body from those awful chemical antibiotics, i feel good. and not just health-wise. i've been kickin' some bio butt at work, and, in general, am feeling like i'm the best version of me right now. and that ain't bad. it kind of reminds me of one of my favorite little sayings when i was in middle school or so. i liked it because i thought it was quite clever and circular, but it seems to be so appropriate right now:
i've gone to find myself. if i get here before i come back, please hold on to me until i return
i feel like i'm coming back.
current mood: rockin

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the haul
this week i will be (and some could argue, already have been) tested at work. not terribly high stress, but ridiculous amounts of running around and long lonnnng hours. too bad nike doesn't make a nice heel for all the trekking i will be doing over the next 3 days!
i plan on sleeping most of saturday. see you on the flip side.
current mood: mad mad madness!

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