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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

around town, there are these giant mac-trucks and trailers emblazoned with JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, or other, more clever sayings, like JESUS CHRIST: NOT JUST A SWEAR WORD. this army of the lord also has a small fleet of multi-passenger vans, which, i'm assuming, is how they do their everyday good work. it is southern california after all... convenience in parking is always a consideration.
as i was getting out of my car last night in a public, and somewhat seedy parking lot in ob, i noticed one of these vans in the row facing mine, with a kid climbing around the passenger seat, and a man in the driver's seat, strapped in though they were not moving, and looked like they'd been settled for quite some time. since he was in a giant jesus-mobile, i didn't really consider him too much... until i walked by, and he hung half his body out the window to do a low-whistle and exclaim, "my god, aren't you just a long look in to heaven!"
all i could say was "wow."
current mood: angelic

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

spoke too soon
so much for being so healthy. on monday i noticed a small bump on my brow bone that was red and painful. i figured it was a plucking gone awry, but noticed it felt a lot better when i would press my finger, warmed from my hot teacup, into it. by tuesday morning, my left eye was swollen shut. a few hours in urgent care left me with antibiotics and a newly deemed staph infection. ahh, the price of beauty!!
bad timing too, since i had planned on going out for st. patty's day, but was left makeup-less (which probably wouldn't have even helped the beastliness anyway) and anti-alcohol with the anti-biotics. it will be some clean livin' for the next 10 days!
current mood: sore and blind

Friday, March 13, 2009

when i was little, one of my favorite ways to pass the time was by climbing on to the kitchen counter and locating the bottle of red-wine vinegar my mother had shoved to the back of the tallest cupboard. she had to do that, because i liked to drink the vinegar. mmm, delicious. i would carefully pick my way through the other condiments until i found the precious round bottle with the funny pour spout, and then spend the next few minutes shaking vinegar into my mouth and swallowing it. if i was lucky, i got the bottle back in the cupboard before my mom came in and caught me. but most of the time, she knew what i had been up to... i'm sure the sour smell emanating from my little body was a dead giveaway, and to test the theory, she would ask me, "have you been drinking the vinegar again??" i would always have the most innocent of looks on my face, as my burned-out throat raspily squeaked out a "no". even without the bottle, i'd be caught red-handed.
a girl at work today was talking about her bottle of kombucha, the potent and notoriously stinky elixir that is supposed to be the latest and greatest in health. i had always been hesitant to try it due to the awful reputation it has for being absolutely disgusting. but when she offered me a sip, i figured what-the-heck... and guess what? it tastes like vinegar!!
looks like i have a new favorite drink ; )
current mood: bottoms up!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

knock on wood
though admittedly i feel a little run-down today, overall i'm quite surprised and happy that i've managed to get through this season without any major knock-you-on-your-ass sickness, especially since many many of the people in my life and at work have been plagued with all sorts of nastiness.
flu-shots, schmu-shots. i'm a fan of knocking out the bugs with whiskey, just like my mama taught me to do.
current mood: cheers!

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