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Monday, April 28, 2008

quick hits
* i've been going to a remarkable number of baseball games lately... remarkable regarding how much i don't actually watch the game. i went to 2 this past week! the first one, we left The Local by the 6th inning to get in the gate for the last couple of at-bats, but saturday i was there for rounds 1-9... mostly because we had sweet terrace-level seats.
* i definitely pulled a rockstar week this past week >> happy hour with the teams after dodgeball on tuesday, taking the day off wednesday with it culminating with drinks poolside at The Pearl with the girls, thursday starting off at the yardhouse and moving on to schmooze (and perhaps play a little flip-cup) at The Local before heading to the game, friday keeping it relatively low-key with dinner out, saturday seeing another game where i talked the closed kitchen in to whipping me up some nachos, plus a friend's bday party that night with pre-party at my place (i've invented a fabulous cran/lemon/lychee martini action. with a twist.), and sunday hitting the ikea cafeteria for lunch with monica (no joke) before heading to artwalk with the mama-ka-zama and being water main break'd out of our car. whew!
* i cracked open one of the several GMAT books i have littering my night table last night, and was immediately struck with the realization that a) i don't remember algebra, and b) i have gotten in to the habit of truly not reading. i read one question and was horrified to find i didn't get a single question correct because i just wasn't paying attention to the passage. i was immediately knocked off my high horse of assuming at least i'd rock the english portion of the test.
* i'm back to not sleeping lately and it's really starting to bum me out. it seems when i do sleep, i have awful dreams of unresolved issues (let's be honest, it's singular ISSUE), so even sleep isn't restful as i wake up fretting over something that i suppose i have the power to do something about... but i lack the guts.
* even though it's only monday, i'm looking forward to this week being over. i have an event on wednesday that no students are coming to (BOOOOO)for some reason (despite my begging and pleading) and am prepared to have my ass handed to me on thursday morning for the lack of attendance. yay.
current mood: gearing up for another week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"no one should hafta breathe poo"
there's a neat little meme out there all about the six-word memoir, and i recently asked my students to create their own short memoirs, giving them the examples of "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back." and "somewhat quirky, but still very lovable." i love the concept, and it's gotten me thinking a lot about summing up my own current, past or future. so here's me, on life and love, in (several) six words:

* "soo, soo, soo... i think so." (shannon will get that one.)
* "failure only comes from not trying."
* "hmm, maybe i'll try belly dancing."
* "sometimes i screw up. oh well."
* "always remember, i'm your biggest fan."
* "kyoo mo anata ni deate yokatta." (again today, it was good to meet you.)
* "laughter's the best medicine. so's whiskey."
* "he loved me... but not enough."
* "no regrets, just good life lessons."
* "ooh, i have a great idea." (i'm sorta famous for this phrase at work.)
* "chocolate swirl in a vanilla world."
* "consume less. share more. enjoy life."
* "wwfbd? what would ferris bueller do?"

So... What are your six words?
ps - today's title entry was a gem that a colleague just came up with regarding our current work situation, and the pungent air.
current mood: yes to life. yes to love.

Monday, April 21, 2008

we moved our offices on thursday and friday. it's a disaster area. we have plywood for a front door. my intern works in the supply closet. my desk is unfinished, and there's no electricity in one entire area of workstations as it seems the architect "forgot." the entire building is actually an active construction site, but for some reason, it's open to the public and available for residency.
wicked. awesome. i wish i could just take a little vacay until things are up and running. i wish.
current mood: annoyed

Thursday, April 17, 2008

guess what i'm doing today
and tomorrow... and probably monday too.

current mood: whew, dusty

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i've come to realize that my actions have more influence on the people around me than i have ever thought, especially in my office. not to say that if i jumped off a bridge, everyone else would too, but... maybe not too far off that. here are some examples:
* i tend to eat whole and healthy foods, and have found that one of my colleagues SISTER is following diet tips based off of what i have for lunch (previously unbeknownst to me). she's lost 11 pounds, by the way.
* i will often bring ingredients of my lunch to assemble at work, such as toasting an english muffin while cooking an egg in the micro, and adding all together usually with some avocado and/or canadian bacon. this has come to be known as the "brittwich", and can have variations, but a few things are key: assembling at work, and at least two of the 4 ingredients listed above.
* this morning, a colleague referred to having "pulled a brittan" because she forgot her laptop at home and had to go back and get it (geez, that happened once!!)
* this morning also, a different colleague was talking about having a "britt cup" because her travel coffee mug was missing its lid (eh, i get along without it)
i guess i should be more aware of my footstep in this puddle of life, huh?
current mood: popular!

Friday, April 11, 2008

practicing what i preach
say hello to the newest lifetime member of the ucsd alumni association. it's been an interesting journey, but i was finally in a place in my life, more than just financially, to contribute and become a member. working within the walls lets me see just what i'm becoming a part of, and i'm excited about where it's going. not to mention the recent publicity i've gotten about how school spirited i am makes it kinda hard to cover the fact that i'm not a member with a sheepish grin like i've been able to do in years past. so i put my money where my mouth is... so to speak.
current mood: triton for life

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

to do
annual events (if i actually ever get to them!) to schedule:
* tadaima karaoke time
* bonfire with obligatory s'mores action
* ultimate frisbee game (i call dibs on 6'6" john on my team!)
* planting my herb garden (last year's got destroyed by the current construction going on at my house. it's quite sad.)

anything i'm missing?
current mood: i'm workin' on it

Monday, April 07, 2008

politely declined
has anyone else noticed the quaint new feature on facebook which suggests friends for you? facebook looks at your friends, and their friends, and says "hey! you and this random person have all these common friends! you should be friends too!" i suppose it's a 6-degrees-of-separation kind of thinking, but i didn't appreciate the very first friend proposal they made for me was for my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. well, thank you, facebook, but y'know? i think i'll pass.
current mood: friendly

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

self promotion: www-chancellor.ucsd.edu/pov_trozzi.html, which actually came about because of this... which actually came about completely by accident. and ps - i don't self-proclaim anything!
current mood: shy

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