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Thursday, September 28, 2006

sorry it's been almost 2 weeks, and certainly a lot has been going on. went to mexico last weekend for a wedding (will post pics as soon as i figure out a good program to do so, since yahoo ate all my last attempts), and if that doesn't catch up to kill me with the amount of mold i inhaled, then certainly the amount of stress and lack of sleep lately will be my downfall. i'm reminded of a period in my life only 12 months ago when i was the only one left standing in my department, the perpetual Fort Holder, and i once again find myself in that position in my current workplace. i have a healthy enough self-confidence to remind myself that it's not me, but i seem to lack the cajones to follow-suit and leave a reliable cash flow to go seek my heart's desire. one day, that smile will return to my face, so i apologize in advance for the potential for grumpiness in the weeks ahead.
current mood: no, no, i'm FINE, really

Friday, September 15, 2006

as a general rule, i try to avoid getting into situations that involve things being hurled at my head. so, with that, it's surprising that i've gone ahead and joined a dodgeball league. good times. i think the last time anyone on my team had played dodgeball, they were still wearing underoos, so it was a bit of a surprise when we walked into the game and found out that there was (gasp! what?) strategy to this game. and that part of that strategy just might be to not get pumped up on red bull/vodkas before the game...

by the way, even though we were rookies, we did pretty well in our first game, coming up just short (though the website tells us we won, ha!) at the end of 1 1/2 hours of play... yesterday we got DESTROYED in just about 20 minutes. game plan for next week? no more vodka with that red bull.
current mood: bashed heads, bruised egos

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

what's a break?
i've been so slammed at work this week (hi, 10 hour days? no lunch breaks? that's rookie stuff), that i've been trying to come up with various ways to get some peace to get stuff done... working in a den (i only have 2 walls, and i sit next to the walkway), i get a lot of people stopping by, so i put a post-it on the side o' my headphones that faces traffic. the 'do not disturb (unless you have snackys)' message apparently instigated the troublemakers in many a' coworker, none of whom came bearing foodstuffs. hmph.
current mood: this is madness!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

mission impossible
operation alumni seems to have failed. BUT, even with this battle lost, i believe the war may still be lingering on the horizon. and i will emerge victorious.
current mood: ucsd = 1, britt = 0

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