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Sunday, July 30, 2006

up and over
i marked one in the 'genius' box for myself yesterday when i went to make a copy of my gate key to put in a secret location, lest i lock myself out of my house. although i possess an extra key for the front door, it does me little good if i'm stuck outside the gate, especially since my windows are on the ground level and lack screens (and for this reason, the extra door key lives in a purse somewhere). in fact, the other day i stepped out and shut the locked door behind me, realizing upon it's click that i had left my keys inside on my bed... no matter, as i hoisted myself over the window sill enough to teeter-totter my reach to the keys and flop back out the window. no prob.
with my extra key from yesterday, i had thoughtfully placed it in a weather-proof container, and spent a good portion of the day determining on the best place to store it. in the meantime, however, it was stored in my car, and it remained there through today, when i reached my car, and realizing i had forgotten my keys in my house, discovered subsequently that my genius fell a little flat if i needed my keys to unlock my car to retrieve the spare key.
so once again, it was time to break in. the last time i had to maneuver my way past the gate was the day i moved into the joint. as i said adieu to the last of my mover-helpers, i turned around to remember the exact location of my keys sitting inside on a table. that time 'round, i used a combination of alley trashcans and an ivy-padded wall to go up and over. this time, however, since there were quite a few neighbors out, i decided to try a different (read: less public) approach. i walked to the other side of the garage to where a low fence provided a little coverage. what i had never realized from the view from my bedroom window of this fence, was that it was actually topped with barbed wire. huh. probably to prevent people hopping it, like i was about to. the fence came up to the top of the garage, and if i stood on the 2 inches of ledge on the wall the fence was built on to, the top of the garage came to my shoulder height.
quick aside... back in elementary school, they used to test our physical ability every year in a series of useless drills including chin-ups. i never married their logic of "if you ever get in danger, you should be able to pull yourself up" with the number of times i could (or could NOT, in my case) pull myself over that bar...
in an amazing feat of physical strength, flexibility, momentum, and dumb luck, i somehow was able to place one hand on the fence post, one hand on the roof to my right, swing my leg up and pull myself on to the roof of the garage, where it was a short drop to the ground, and a quick scurry to my apartment, where i had ingeniously left my door unlocked. i popped in, grabbed my keys, and the whole thing was done and over in 45 seconds... plus the 10 minutes or so it took to contemplate breaking in in the first place.
i think i'll go put that key somewhere, err, more useful now.
current mood: i'm all stealth ninja

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

this little piggy
i've decided to decorate my office... inconspicuously.

he and his brothers have ended up in the fridge...

on a random wall or two...

and even in the bathroom...

there was one in a plant yesterday, but it seems that plant has been taken away. off to adventure, little piggy!
current mood: hard at work

Monday, July 24, 2006

why is it that whenever i show up at an IT guys' desk, they roll their eyes and get out their helmet?
current mood: i'm really not all that bad, i swear

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

how could i forget?
i realized i left off a vital summertime activity off my to-do list: karaoke. Although, as an activity, karaoke is not limited to the summertime only, especially considering its indoor-nature (you'd be hard pressed to bring the horse races inside for a little winter run). but in examining my patterns of karaoke-ness, i seem to lean towards the lounges in the summer months. must be the air-con.
current mood: bust out the tunes!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a new leaf?
yesterday i got a phone call (and an email, and another followup phone call) for an interview at ucsd. for the first time in 5 freakin' years of applying.
and today i went to the gym in the basement of my office. willingly.
could this be the beginning of a new turn in the world of britto?
current mood: i'm a thinkin'

Thursday, July 13, 2006

to do list, summer 2006
* pool party check!
* ice blocking
* a picnic... perhaps japanese-y style with the cold noodles in ice and any appropriate bugs and nature.
* lobsters and margaritas... puerto nuevo
* bonfire on the beach for the sole purpose of roasting marshmallows
* 4 o'clock fridays... del mar
* movie under the stars
* anything else...?
current mood: summah-time and the livin's easy

Monday, July 10, 2006

birthday week
i had a roommate who used to refer to her being brought into this world not as a birthDAY but rather a birthday WEEK. and for the first time, i know what she means...

thursday - guster concert harbor cruise

friday - the sister's bday ...

... and padre game with the fams

saturday thru monday - roadtrip to SLO

sunday - mishi's wedding

tuesday - bbqs and fireworks

wednesday - actual birthday!

friday - happy hour, anyone?

saturday - actual birthday! party!

well okay, so i guess mine was more like a birthday week and a half : )
current mood: you mean i have to go back to work?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You find new ways and reasons to enjoy life, which raises your lifestyle to a level you've long wanted to attain. You're credited for something important now. Love is around you in August, and one special partner makes your heart sing. November brings vacation. Business booms in January. Capricorn and Scorpio people value and adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 7, 4, 36, 44 and 5.
current mood: we gon' party like it's my birfday

Monday, July 03, 2006

we, the members of w.a.c.m
(women against crappy men), do hereby recognize the existence of at least one un-crappy man, as evident by the marriage of our vice president to said gentleman this weekend. w.a.c.m. (motto: "what do you do with crappy men? you 'whack 'em!') in no way loses one of our valuable members, but rather gains faith in the hope that this is not merely a trend, but a reality to be further discovered.

the trip, overall, was quite delightful, with such gems emerging as "well, he's ugly... AND a sea slug!" despite almost running out of gas in the bona fide booneys, and nearly being run off the road from some horrible drivers, and almost freezing to death at the ceremony (50 degrees? in july?!), we had a great time and even got checked out a few times, on the road and off. as for the wedding, i'm super excited about mishi's marriage, but i'm even more excited by the w.a.c.m. reunion that was a long-time overdue, even with 2 of 'em flying in from israel. i know what they mean... i would go anywhere in the world for these girls too.
current mood: little hearts are in the air.

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