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Friday, May 21, 2004

i hate to be late. it's embarrassing. and not cool when you're late to a meeting. and SO not cool when it's not even your fault that you're late, and the person/people whose fault it is doesn't really care since their role in the meeting is miniscule compared to yours. factoring even less into their not-caring is the fact that they are salaried, and not hourly, so if their lunch runneth over, no biggie. not cool, dude. not cool.

speaking of work, i was reflecting today on work relationships. There are the people you work with and the people you work around, and then there are the people you neither work with nor around, but still interact with. Surprisingly (at least to me), i seem to have a lot of bathroom relationships: people i see on the way to, from, or in the bathroom. The basis of our relationship is almost completely superficial, oftentimes commenting on each other's fashion choices or small talk about the high A/C or lack of good snackys in the vending machine. i've seen these people too many times to pretend i don't know them, but really, i don't know them. and most of the time, i don't even know their name.

shameless plug: for those of you in the SD area, we karate kids are having a fund-raiser you're sure to love! Download and print this flyer, and go to this ColdStone with it. 25% of the purchases made with this flyer over the weekend go to our karate group, and there's no limit. So help out by diggin' in!! THANKS!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

speaking of which
hmm, perhaps many a male driver got my previous blog message, as it seemed i got nothing but stares on my morning commute. They were definitely keeping up... but i'm guessing it had more to do with the HUGE bird splatters all over the back of my car (we're talking the size of my big ol' hand!), as opposed to my radiant beauty.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

And i quote,
"britt, you don't need someone to catch your heart, you need someone to keep up."
-- Miss Natalie
Get your running shoes, boys.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

when the world lets you down
turn to a kid. Or a dog. I must be giving off a safe and trusting vibe that make dogs and small children want to be around me. Even in situations where I should be close to last on their list, they seem fixated on me, drawn to my side with no explanation given. Ironically, yesterday morning I had the unpleasurable experience of being told that I didn't know how to handle kids, and I spent the afternoon at the birthday party of a 7-year-old, bouncing around with kids of all ages who didn't seem to mind that they had met me all of 10 minutes ago as they sat in my lap or tugged on my arm, their invisible tails wagging as much as the "vicious" german shepherd's in the corner.

on the other hand, i seem to be striking out lately with adults. And cats.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

failure surely comes your way

for a little work-time pick-me-up, click the cookie and get your own bad fortune!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

ADD day
and not a single "yarrr" of frustration has crept passed my lips. unusual for a wednesday. i've been giddy all day, anticipating some great event that has yet to present itself... or even hint at. that's okay, i have had plenty of giggles to distract me in the meantime. along with this avidity, let me throw in a


that seems so appropriate for my state today.

as restless? point your mouse-wielding itchy trigger finger here and take my quiz... really, all the cool kids are doing it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (May 11). You are drawn to the people who can help you the most this year! Your keen business sense gets a workout in the next five weeks. In addition to your usual hard work, you can wheel and deal your way into a cash bonus! Romance comes into your life when you're feeling terrific about your body next month. Pisces and Scorpio like your body, too! Your lucky numbers are: 9, 20, 4, 33 and 18.
good thing my mom's a pisces. you scorpio's better watch out!

happy birthday, daddy-o!

Monday, May 10, 2004

burned, warmed, baked, broiled, heated, burnt, cooked, fired, fried, hot, parched, scalded, scorched, sizzled, toasted...

SEE: my shoulders.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

how i spent my lunch break
raise a blistered hand to match your blistered feet if you're a fool like me who thought it'd be no prob to do karate on the concrete in 100-degree weather, and THEN pick up your now quite-toasty black steel sai to flip about in your now scorched hands!

i... uh... um... i don't even have a good excuse.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

i ask you this:
would you rather be the favored top dog who has achieved great things and thus, proven themselves worthy of such a title...
would you rather be the dark horse, a little-known, unexpectedly successful entrant who leaves them wondering "where did s/he come from?!"

Monday, May 03, 2004

welcome to may
it's 95 degrees outside.
as indicated by my handy-dandy in-dash-display digital thermometer... absolutely superfluous, but cheers to a little extravagance now and then!

lunch break, thursday, mira mesa: driving around to find a car wash so that I may be in a somewhat clean car for at least a week as i house-sit for a friend and thus am not subject to the nightly tirade nature wreaks on my car at home. As i pull up to a stop light, i hear shouting through the open passenger-side window. i turned slowly to see over my right shoulder an older gentleman leaning out of his beat-up truck, quite loudly suggesting i pull over to the nearest chicken wings dive so he can buy me a drink.
my head snapped back forward, and luckily the light change, providing a zooming-away escape. i don't like to encourage that kind of behavior.
evening, friday, university city: going for a lovely walk on a lovely spring evening, i shuffled my way down a somewhat busy byway. Distracted by the fact that i had just seen someone i knew fly by (and would later run into his parked car in an unintentional stalker-esque moment of mine), i was shaken from my thoughts by a man yelling "YEAH BABY, YOU'VE GOT A NICE ASS!" Hardly shocked at this point, i turned to see an older gentleman (again) in the passenger seat of a white minivan driven by a woman. The flash of a thumbs-up and a grin from him did little to clarify why he had the liberty to bellow out like that when he was so blatantly immersed in familial symbolism (a.k.a. riding shotgun with a Soccer Mom). i still wonder.

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