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Monday, October 27, 2008

and on the first day, god said...
"LET THERE BE FOG!" ... and there was. lots of it. technically, i can see the ocean from my new office, with those technicalities being, of course, that the sun is shining and the fog is still off-shore. this place has been banked in so much that i feel like i was working inside a cloud. a cloud with a door (i'm very proud of my 4 actual walls and a door. to me, THAT is career development!!)
current mood: foggy, in more ways than one

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

movin' on up
in a strange but fortuitous turn of events, i've been promoted... on a temporary basis. weird, right? and my new post, while still in alumni affairs, is an even stranger place to imagine me: i'm the new (temp?) assistant director of alumni for biological sciences. me, the communication major, sociology minor, who went screaming from the sciences. the long story, short = the person who was in that spot moved on to another position, leaving me to step up in to the role temporarily, which would be easier for the HR side of things (since it's notoriously and frustratingly slow), through the end of the fiscal year, in this case, june of '09. i'm admittedly a little nervous, as my confidence has taken a serious blow from my last year of work (one word: embarrassing), but all-in-all, this is a good step on the path of putting me where i want to be. so if you need me, professionally, i'll be knee-deep in petri dishes over on the southwest corner of campus.
current mood: ready for a new start

Monday, October 13, 2008

face down fun
friday found me at a familiar place of my past, though on quite the other side of the looking glass, so to speak. i ended up at the ice arena, though instead of waiting for a hockey game to start so i could clap enough to keep my hands warm, i was on the ice instead, whirling around in the unsteady footing of someone who hasn't skated in years (6 i think?), being whizzed-by from punk kids and skating show-offs. i was actually doing really well, considering i was with a group of hockey players, all who knew how to stay on their feet, and were regulars at that sort of thing... that is, until i hit what i'm sure was a rock in the middle of the ice, and definitely found myself face down on the ice. the 3 people i was skating with had the courtesy to stop and turn around to see if i was okay, and when i assured them that no broken bones had resulted, they started to skate off. until i gasped an incredulous, "well, could you at least help me up?". i guess they're used to the hockey-ers getting up on their own, sans toe-pick and all.
we finished the evening at a dive, drinking beer, playing foosball, and shooting pumas on a safari video game. it was nice to be reunited with this fun pack from my past, and i thoroughly enjoyed just being part of a group of good kids ... as opposed to my saturday night, when i was fondled by 3 women at once.
current mood: still a little shivery

Monday, October 06, 2008

i'm starting to get worried
that something really is wrong with my head. i've just been, well, s-l-o-w lately. case in point: i was getting in my car yesterday, noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye in the general direction of across the street. started the car, put it in gear, looked over... drove off and realized that there were two ginormous rabbits grazing on the weeds that grow between the cracks of the sidewalk. ob is known for its parrots (right?), and not its rabbit population. and these were definitely domestic bunnies, one white and black floppy, the other all black. and they had all their feet, so good for them.
but what the heck? why did it take me a half a mile to realize that something was definitely WRONG with that picture?!
current mood: did you say something?

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