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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

here's to hopin'
in college, there were 2 people i ever walked into their office, sat down at their desk, and simply asked: "could you go ahead and retire now please? because i want your job." and now one of them is available. AND through the muck that is the hiring system of UCSD (no offense, T), it seems that my resumé may have actually been passed on to the people who could hire me into that open job.
let's consider: on the one hand, i lack formal education in the area i'm applying for. i also lack experience in the field since graduating college.
BUT, on the other hand, not only do i have vast experience with the field at the college they're hiring for, but one would be hard-pressed to find a bigger cheerleader for the place, even after 5 years of me not being there. That, and the fact that the people who (i assume) would be hiring me are 1) my former supervisor when i worked as an RA, and 2) the former director of student government, who happens to be the OTHER person whose job i wanted.
soooo... if you're the wishin' kind, say a little whisper for me.
current mood: crossin' my fingers

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i have high hopes for the sequel
while i can honestly say that i do, in fact, know the muffin man, i can't say that i know for certain if i have gotten the closure i have been seeking for years, or if we have entered into yet another game of cat and mouse... that old familiar territory with a new twist. but what i DO know is that i'm proud of us both, and hopefully we have broken those ugly patterns that made our friends fear for our hearts and our heads. the slate hasn't been wiped clean... it's just the darts have have been dislodged.

and i feel great.
current mood: here comes drama adventure!

Monday, May 29, 2006

i think i survived. but i can't feel my body parts.
check out the action ... courtesy of toshi
current mood: achy

Friday, May 26, 2006

uh, we'll call it 'dedication'
karate schedule for the weekend:
* friday night: seminar till 7, then set up till whenever it's done
* saturday: 7am tourney, until...
* saturday night: banquet, until whenever we leave
* sunday: seminars, 10 till 5...
* monday: ...and then we rest.
current mood: i'm a survivor

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

say it ain't so.
alright, we all know how fashions are cyclical, and in one way or another, they come back. bell bottoms are called "flares" now, but everyone knows they're bells. i was rather concerned about the reinvention of 80s fashion, and with each passing week into the summer season, it's becoming more and more evident of what will be resurfacing. it started with the bright colors, the stripes of flourescent pink and green (ick), and i'm seeing a trend of cropped stretch pants around (don't MAKE me dig up photos of me wearing those circa 4th grade).

but yesterday, i saw the ultimate fashion no-no (a fashion travesty the first time around): in a trendy teeny-bopper store, hanging on a rack in alluring colors... the bodysuit. snaps in the crotch and all.
current mood: uuungh, i think i'm going to be sick.

Monday, May 22, 2006

took a little roadtrip to santa barbara this weekend to check out the avp tourney... a sorta hybrid work-trip-vacation. we stopped off in irvine to have lunch with miss quadzilla herself, natalie, before heading up to anaheim to the great bonanza of icy equipment: hockey giant ((let's just say that i brought a book for that leg of the trip ; ) )). then, finally, we were on our way for reals. coupla hours in LA traffic (with a coupla curses thrown at other drivers), and we got to SB. we checked in to the hotel and oriented ourselves with our surroundings. apparently, in santa barbara, you do not find the beach by heading towards the setting sun. the sun sets in the west, the pacific is in the west... so tell me why the sun was behind me to heading to "west beach"? that was a new one to me...
despite the rain on the way up, saturday was a beautifully sunny 75 degrees, and i managed to get sunburnt in awkward places... seems to be a talent of mine. we were hooked up with some VIP passes, which would have been eveb awesomer if we had been able to even get into the VIP tent... it was a bit crowded, but i did manage to snag some cookies and gatorade, so it was well worth it. the event was amazing with great crowds, and athletes walking around like regular ol' (totally cut and tanned) people. i appreciated the magnitude of the whole set up, and t appreciated the seats when we watched the women's final (hello butt shots!). we were also hooked up with some bracelets to the afterparty where i got snubbed for drink tickets (the injustice!) and we almost got nailed by a billiard ball leaving the table... from upstairs. anytime i can avoid a cracked skull is good times for me.
we left early on rainy sunday morning, but not before i popped back in to say goodbye to my avp peeps. al and i actually had a celebrity sighting in the crocs booth: natalie from the facts of life was loading up on the world's ugliest shoes (sorry, but they are).
we got back to san diego in half the time it took us to get up there, making me aware that i had to come into work today... sigh. time for a REAL vacation, this one was just a tease!
current mood: rockin'

Monday, May 15, 2006

it's a mad mad mad world
t and i went to a pub crawl this weekend with a mad hatter theme... as in no hat, no shoes, no service. though the pub crawl started at noon, we didn't get there till a bit later, which meant we weren't so much crawling as we were making a pit stop since we only hit one bar. we just HAD to show off our fantabulous hat creations though.i went over to t's house, and found the powertools out... you know that means business. you can't see it very well in the pics, but he attached a puck to his hockey helmet... we opted not to do a blood trickle down the forehead. my hat, well, should be pretty self-explanatory. i would like to point out that it is made out of felt and cotton balls. yeah, that's right. something outta nothing, that's the way i roll : )
click here to check out some more hat-ter madness

Sunday, May 14, 2006

all that for a manhole?
next time i go to japan ((which will be in 2007, so go ahead and mark your calendars and download that time off request form. the more, the merrier! ... just need to figure out the eternal question: may? october? may? october?)), i'm definitely going on a manhole photo hunt. you have to respect the notion of making osui a thing of beauty and just a little more respectable.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

must be the genes
mom... dad... just thought you should give yourself a pat on the back. the dentist, the hygenist (?), and, uh, that other lady in the room (susan?) were all oohing and aahing over the beauty and loveliness of my teeth (save for those minor little cavity-type dealies, but those were my doing, so i suppose you still get full credit). they were all very impressed, so yay for genetics.

that being said, i need to have a word with you two about my eyes...
current mood: are you seeing double too?

Friday, May 05, 2006

i'm not one to get into shows too much, and ESPECIALLY not reality TV. but i have to admit, i'm a little stuck on top chef. i think i saw the tail-end of an episode once, and pretty much immediately rejected it, since it was all the normal dramatics you come to expect from those sort of elimination shows. but when i realized that the first 50 minutes are about food challenges, well it roped me in faster than a iron chef marathon.

i don't consider myself a foodie, or even a good chef. but i like making stuff up and finding out that it actually worked. the challenges that they have on the show are like the same thing, except they have a lot more formal training behind them. they're probably more surprised when something DOESN'T work, rather than when it does, like me. last night, for example, i covered some tilapia filets in falafel mix (try saying "falafel tilapia" 10x fast...), and pan-fried 'em. then, since i needed lunch today, i cut up some breast of turkey and squash, and threw it into the same pan with some fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic and red pepper, and used the remaining frying to flavor that. then i tossed it with lime juice (happy cinco de mayo!) and some calimyrna figs... and let me just say... FABULOUS.

though i tend to keep the creations to myself (i'm a little hesitant to introduce people to my style of "whatever was w/in reach", though i'm sure many people take that approach), i will say this... i have yet to poison anyone. seriously. hmm, that seems like qualification enough, maybe i should sign up for the next season of top chef?
current mood: food on the brain

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