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Friday, March 31, 2006

mommy wow! i'm a big kid now
after a 2 week delay and some interesting trials and tribulations, i launched my very first site yesterday for the american volleyball pros (that's avp to you). and i did it in just under 2 months o' working here... on the one hand, that's a good thing since it was a major project that i somehow got put in charge of and turned around in 6 weeks, even though i was (and still am?) the 'new girl'. on the other hand, other than all the stresses and fights and squabbles and double-talking that came with the territory, i feel like everyone will consider my teeth cut, when i consider myself still quite green. but i'm not going to worry about that too much... until the next big one comes along (t-minus 4 weeks or so?)...
current mood: accomplished

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

a momentary rant
excuse me for a moment while redirect my road rage to the keyboard. why is it that people 'round here do NOT know how to make a turn in their ca? it's a simple process: 1) turn signal on, 2) if making a right turn, pull close to the curb, 3) check the path is clear, 4) go.
this morning, i witnessed 2 people turning right from the middle of the lane, no signal, one almost mowing down a pedestrian. but the ultimate was the foolio who made a LEFT turn from the MIDDLE lane of a 3 lane road, cutting in front of one very busy lane to get to a side street. that's some scary stuff, man.
current mood: what the fat?!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

by golly, i think it's working!
woke up before the alarm this morning, hopped into my workout clothes, motored over to the gym, and climbed on my spin cycle... managed not to injure myself (insert wild applause here).

i think this plan to kick myself in the butt might actually be taking effect. i had slipped into a bit of a slump in terms of body stuff, wasn't able to run around like the normal craziness i usually am. and i like feeling like i've done so much by the time midday rolls around. lord knows with my schedule these days, i need the energy!
current mood: watch out world!

Friday, March 24, 2006

nuts by association
i always figured that i would be pretty impossible to date... some crazy idiosyncracy of mine is bound to drive even the most patient of persons mad. so in this gross generalization of my own behavior, i never thought to take into account that maybe it's not me that's so impossible...? observe...

exhibit a: an email sent from a certain flamboyant friend o' mine to T-man...
"Hey T... I know you're dating my friend Britt, but since you're not *official* yet, I thought I'd put in my bid. I think we'd mesh really well together, especially after seeing the pirate picture. Call me! XOXO - jeff"
i find it necessary to insert a public service announcement here: jeffrey takes triple-dog-dares very seriously.

exhibit b: a conversation with the mother...
m: "...and i told him T is into cars..."
b: "yeah... WAIT. i never told you that... ... mom, did you google T?!"
m: "i don't know what that means."
b: "did you put his name into an internet search engine and read what came up? hobbies, interests, fbi's most wanted, etc?..."
m: "no, i don't know what you're talking about. i used dogpile."

jeeeeeeeeez. at least T has a fanTAStic sense of humor about all of this. i guess he'd have to; otherwise he wouldn't last too long at all.
current mood: shhhh, i'm trying to hide!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

i'm afraid the answer to that question is NO.
today is the day i've come to hate the word "cool" if only because i'm currently in an environment where a couple o' people use the term in what i deem a highly inappropriate manner... mainly as a tag at the end of a statement, that seems to render everything that just tumbled from their mouths from helpful advice to condescending injunction.something along the lines of:
((i'm going to sigh to act like i'm terribly uninterruptibly busy, and say)) you need to do this and this and this and try not to screw it up this time, cool?
current mood: so not cool

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

and you should see the view
cable's up, internet's a working, and the lady upstairs offered to come in and hang up my pictures. her repeats of "i've got a drill!" are hard to ignore.

the apartment is coming together... now if only i were home more often to enjoy it.
current mood: lookin' goooooood

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

why i'm a fool, v103.2
file it under "what the heck was i thinking?"... i signed up for a spin class at ucsd. not too bad of a thought; i have been such a lump over the last couple of months considering my work schedule and other activities taking precedence over my usual of karate and belly dancing. i figured that this would kick start my body into wanting to be loose and bendy and fit again... that's the theory. the other half of the theory, which is in direct relation to me kicking myself in the butt (figuratively, literally) is that i am much more productive in the morning hours... i usually hit my wall at about 3 o'clock and am pretty useless after that. so it's much better for me to come in when i'm most functioning. but since i trained with the 9-6 crowd in my new job, i've gotten onto a later schedule and am slothing through my day. hence the need for the spin class.

is it a vague attempt to infuse myself with more energy? oh no, it's a simple matter of logistics: spin starts at 7. IN THE MORNING. i'm aiming for a total shock to the system. i had my first class this morning... and pretty much i'm in such a haze, i probably shouldn't operate heavy machinery.
current mood: groggy

Monday, March 13, 2006

an open letter to the fans in t3
to those in attendance at the gulls game last night who happened to be sitting in terrace 3: i'm sorry if i hit you with my chuck a puck. especially since you were behind me. i do know that the goal of chuck-a-puck is to get the little orange foam puck on the ice, preferrably onto the target on the ice. i also realize that you all figured you were pretty safe since the ice was in front of me and that's where the puck belonged, and you were behind me where the puck didn't belong.

i won't make excuses. i won't try to justify my horrific throw to the fact that the puck got stuck in my fingers at the point of release, or that i was under a lot of pressure to perform, or that i seriously lack long-distance hand-eye coordination. but i will say this: take comfort, your justice will be done, because believe me, there are people who will never let me live this down. like, EV-ER.
current mood: gomen ne sorry!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

what the beep??
it's been one of those mornings. i got up early groggy with the intention of hitting work early to actually get something done before the masses set upon me. a minute or 2 later it occurred to me that it was pouring outside... and all the moving boxes i had saved for miss lisa to pick up this weekend were getting just a little drenched. i sprung into rescue mode without fully knowing where to put them on the inside, as space was obviously an issue, hence why they were outside. a layering of trashbags later, they were inside the apartment, and i tried to continue on with my now delayed plan to hit the road early... that is, until the smoke detector went off. what!? i grabbed a towel and started to fan like crazy, looking around to see if something was, indeed, on fire. nothing came to immediate attention, we'll see if i have an apartment when i get home tonight.
current mood: fiery

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i've been tagged, so this one's for jeffrey.
*1* crows hold a special place in my heart. aside from my dad's childhood stories of his wild crow friend "marco" who would hang out with him, i truly believe that the spirit of my grandparents are embodied in crows, and that's how they watch out for me. plus, they've just got cool personalities (bird-alities?)
*2* pinatas and lacrosse games freak me out. hitting with sticks is not so much my scene.
*3* i cannot stand weird voices, especially baby voices. or pretty much half of adam sandler's characters or anything by jim carrey. anime drives me nuts b/c it's FULL of weird voices.
*4* if i could have any job in the world, i would produce a major awards show, like the oscars. it's like the ultimate event planning. that being said, i have no interest in a) becoming an event planner, or b) moving to LA.
*5* if i could eat any one food for the rest of my life, it would be salad. salad has so much potential for yummy goodness and variety. i toyed with the idea that it would be "sandwiches" or "cereal", but i'm solid 100% behind my salad choice now.
*6.* i've never seen sound of music, casablanca, any of the rocky or rambo series, west side story, or the godfather after 1. i might finish up the series on the godfather, but the rest of them ... ehh.
current mood: introspective

Monday, March 06, 2006

i've recently discovered the radio function on my iTunes at work, and have taken to tuning it to the japan-a-radio station or arabic music. if i'm trying to work and concentrate on something, it's always a better plan not to have words i can sing along to going through my head while i sing along. otherwise i end up putting inappropriate phrases into important company documents. really, my clients don't need to think i want to rock them all night long.
there are still distractions to both stations, though. i end up dancing around in my chair with the arabic one, with people thinking i'm having some sort of seizure as i try to perfect the arabic shoulder drop... on the japan hand, i'll be listening and some word or phrase will pop out to me that breaks my concentration. it will be like blah blah blahbity sucka chumps angel blah blah blah... what?? did they just say what i think they did? at the very least, i'm hoping that the exposure to all the j-words will improve my japanese somehow... i hope so, because i seem to be slipping judging by the show of no-love i've been getting lately when i roll out my j-language skills.
current mood: maybe i DO want to rock you all night long

Sunday, March 05, 2006

there's merit to 'lift with the legs'
all moved thanks to the helping hands: anson and joann, who were recovering from their test on wednesday with various injuries (which turned out to be delivered via myself and chris), kristina and her not-well-ness that's going on these days, and chris and i who got worked in what can only be described as karma (chris, how's your noggin?). a motley crew we were, but we got the job done, and in record time... thanks guys!
current mood: p-a-i-n

Friday, March 03, 2006

brittan is a very lovely and talented model
* brittan is at the 5th percentile for height
* brittan is poised to take up this issue when meeting foreign affairs minister gong
* brittan is guardian; 16 aug 1871; sent to MI asylum for the insane
* brittan is still pressing the redial button just to make sure until someone is declared the victor of the vip passes
* brittan is played by actor greg wise
* brittan is fairly convinced that it does and we have not yet heard an answer on that issue
* brittan is convinced that the grapes give and extract more complex flavors and structure when vinified together
* brittan is a manly man with a pinch of yum mixed in
* brittan is uncomfortable with our stance on all this
* brittan is truly frightening
* brittan is not alone

click here to see what else google thinks about me, then try it for yourself & report back!
current mood: brittan is pure speculation

Thursday, March 02, 2006

it just might be the caffeine
work has definitely ramped up in this, my second month of employment. i have been put in charge of some pretty significant projects, namely complete site redesigns for 2 clients. 2 months into it, and they get the new girl to write the requirements of how everything's supposed to work. great idea guys.
i'm definitely becoming fluent in the lingo that's thrown around the industry and around the office, and have been able to hold my own with some very qualified office-linguists. on the outside, i'm keeping pace, on the inside, i'm looking around wondering who's on to me that i don't know what the crap i'm talking about.
the fact that i seem to be fooling a lot of people makes me giddy while i skip about the halls with a grin.
current mood: think hammerhead hyper

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